Welcome to Swatpro

Welcome to our e-Learning Portal.

Here you will find resources to use either as stand-alone courses or as part of the training required within Apprenticeships.

If this is the first time using the system, you will find a Quick Start Guide (under the Swatpro - General heading). This is a short module that will take you through a few of the basics of how to navigate through the system... it'll take a few minutes to go through and will help you get the most out of it.

Your trainer will also support and advise you of appropriate modules to study, but there are also a number of freely available modules that you can explore.

In most cases, after you have completed your module, you will be required to take an on-line test to confirm your understanding of what you have learnt. If you are issued with a certificate, keep it in your evidence folder and make sure your tutor sees it too!

You can break away from the on-line modules whenever you feel like it. When you next access the system, you will be prompted to continue where you left off.

We hope you find the portal easy to navigate and that you are successful with your courses or modules.

Rod Davis. Chief Executive, Swatpro.